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Research completed by valuable members of the AfriCanadian community has led to the discovery of several factors that largely influence the success of housing careers of immigrants in Canada.


Transnational Activities and Their Impact on Achieving a Successful Housing Career in Canada: The Case of Ghanaian Immigrants in Toronto

by David Yaw Firang

Black Continental African Identities in Canada: Exploring the Intersections of Identity Formation and Immigrant Transnationalism

by Joseph Mensah


Cultural Dimensions of African Immigrant Housing in Toronto: A Qualitative Insight

by Joseph Mensah & Christopher J. Williams

Ghanaian and Somali Immigrants in Toronto’s Rental Market: A Comparative Cultural Perspective of Housing Issues and Coping Strategies

by Joseph Mensah and Christopher J. Williams

Key research Findings


Immigrants’ ability to follow progressive housing careers in the host society can be influenced by the frequency and intensity of transnational activities they conduct between the destination country and the country of origin.


The identities and diasporic consciousness of Black continental African immigrants in Canada are influenced by their transnational activities, leading to unique challenges associated with living and establishing roots in Canada.


The way homes are designed in host countries results in immigrants improvising or forgoing various culinary practices. Furthermore, internal living arrangements associated can hamper gendered religious practices. These cultural differences influence housing decisions.