Creating Affordable Housing Solutions for Afri-Canadians

what we will provide

Multigenerational Homes

Community Kitchens

Skill Development

Holistic Health Care

how we will impact

Our goal is to reduce the impact of systemic inequities faced by continental African Canadians by providing them with affordable housing and other community supports.

We aim to provide rent, rent-to-own or affordable sales options. These options are designed to act as temporary tools to help families build equity before moving on to market-rate housing.

This project will include a mixture of high-rise, mid-level buildings, and single family homes. This model will provide a variety of services necessary for community members to thrive.

a space to heal and build community

Multigenerational Housing Units

Education and Skill Development

Culturally Appropriate Health Care

Fostering Interconnectedness

Community Kitchen and Supermarket

Recreational Facilities and Sports Activities

Community Centres

Energy and Environmentally Conscious Design


Kizito Musabimana, 

RCHC Founder & Executive Director

Kizito Musabimana is the founder and Executive Director of the Rwandan Canadian Healing Centre. Mr Kizito founded RCHC in 2018 after overcoming PTSD (caused by the 1994 Rwandan Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda). He walked from Toronto to Montreal to raise awareness about PTSD challenges within the Rwandan-Canadian community. His walk took place from November 24 to December 11, 2016.

By taking a holistic approach to life, Kizito was able to overcome the worst of PTSD (severe depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts). He has since worked tirelessly to understand issues in his (African Canadian) community, partnering with youth and leaders and leading organisations to develop programs designed to solve these challenges collaboratively for current and future generations.


Jacqueline Nyiramukwende,

Vice Chair of RCHC Board

Jacqueline Nyiramukwende is a highly resourceful team player and a motivated problem solver. She is dedicated to social rights promotion and is renowned for engaging in conversations focused on strategies to improve community experiences. Guided by principles of justice, ethics, and feminism intersectional analysis, she holds a Master of Public Ethics from St. Paul University, & a Bachelor of Social Work from Carleton University (both Degrees in Ottawa, Ontario).

Juliet Opoku,

BScN, RN, CDE, BCE. Health & Wellness Educator

Juliet Opoku is a registered nurse with many years of experience. A full-time certified diabetic educator and certified bariatric educator at Unison health and community services, and a health promoter specializing in chronic illness management through her health and wellness company, Living A Balance Life Inc.

Juliet is also The Health lead and Vice President of the Ghanaian Canadian Association of Ontario (GCAO). She oversees and coordinates operations with community leaders and members to provide resources for the Ghanaian community in Ontario and beyond. Humanitarian work is her passion and superpower; she has received many awards of recognition for her excellent work from The Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Board (CDECB) and the University of Toronto, to name a few.

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