Media Coverage

CBC News

A short clip of our project was featured in the evening segment CBC news on February 22, 2023. 

CBC News Radio

RCHC’s Kizito Musabimana was interviewed by CBC Radio in a segment discussing plans that have been proposed by the government to solve the housing crisis. 

Dayo Media & Communications

Dayo Media & Communications was live at a press conference hosted by RCHC and its community partners on Tuesday, February 21st, 2023. They created a press release to capture the essence of our project and conducted live interviews with Brad Bradford from the City of Toronto, and Anthony Adrien from CMHC about their hopes for the project.

ICI Radio Canada

(FRENCH) Recréer la solidarité d’un village africain traditionnel au Canada

Un modèle de logement abordable centré sur les valeurs africaines traditionnelles de la communauté, de la famille et de la culture est mis au point par le Centre de guérison canadien rwandais (RCHC) et ses partenaires.

The Brandon Gomez Show

TORONTO – Affordable housing is a nationwide problem, and The Rwandan Canadian Healing Centre (RCHC) is looking to help ease the burden. The African Canadian Affordable Housing Solutions Lab Project is aiming to integrate traditional African values into a housing model that will address the need for affordable housing while also considering culturally relevant factors for African Canadians. 

Now Magazine

New project creates affordable housing model based on traditional African villages.

Affordable housing is a nationwide problem, and The Rwandan Canadian Healing Centre (RCHC) is looking to help ease the burden.

By Blacks

Toronto Is Getting An African-Based Model For Affordable Housing By Likam Kyanzaire.

When housing developers in Toronto tear down landmark buildings like Honest Eds, a longtime discount store in the Annex, they remove a piece of the city’s history and culture.

Radio Canada Ohdio

(FRENCH) Une approche africaine aux problèmes de logements abordables à Toronto.

Le Centre de guérison rwando-canadien cherche à alléger le fardeau de la crise du logement à Toronto avec un projet d’étude intitulé « Laboratoire de solutions sur le logement abordable au Canada »