About Us and Our Project Partners

Who We ARe

RCHC is a federally registered nonprofit organization based in Toronto, Canada, with a vision of serving as a Multidimensional PTSD Research Centre for healing, education, research, and social advocacy. Working with our African Canadian Affordable Housing Solution Lab partners, we are implementing housing solutions for Africans in Canada.

Our Partners

GCAO is a non-profit umbrella organization for all Ghanaian-Canadian individuals, associations (religious, professional, and cultural) and community organizations residing within the Greater Toronto Area.

New Nakfa is a non-profit organization that provides Eritrean-Canadian youth with opportunities and resources to become leaders in their community. Their programs and events focus on four key action areas; professional development, health promotion, mentorship and social networking.

NABC provides innovative support to organizations and groups to strengthen their adaptive capacity to be effective participants and leaders in driving positive outcomes for Black communities locally, regionally, and nationally.

The GTA-Rwandan Canadian Collective consists of 5 Rwandan Canadian agencies; the Rwandan Community Abroad (RCA Toronto), the Canadian Association of Rwandan Youth (CARY-Toronto), the Heritage Association (UMURAGE), Beyond the Veil Mission, and the Rwandan Canadian Community of Hamilton (RCA-Hamilton). These agencies came together as a collective under the African Canadian Affordable Housing – Solutions Lab (2022 – 2023) project and as project partners.

The Kenyan Canadian Association (KCA) is a federal not-for-profit organization that seeks to address issues affecting marginalized Canadians (especially those of Kenyan origin), black communities, and visible minorities while assisting newcomers to settle and make positive contributions to society as they endeavour to achieve their goals.

CASA Design Consult is a multi-disciplinary organization dedicated to creating a sustainable environment based on research and intelligent design principles developed by the team over the years. We offer services in the following areas of practice: Building Design and Project Management.


Juliet Opoku,

BScN, RN, CDE, CBE. Health and Wellness Educator

Juliet Opoku is a registered nurse with many years of experience. A full-time certified diabetic educator and certified bariatric educator at Unison health and community services, and a health promoter specializing in chronic illness management through her health and wellness company, Living A Balance Life Inc. Juliet is also The Health lead and Vice President of the Ghanaian Canadian Association of Ontario (GCAO). She oversees and coordinates operations with community leaders and members to provide resources for the Ghanaian community in Ontario and beyond. Humanitarian work is her passion and superpower; she has received many awards of recognition for her excellent work from The Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Board (CDECB) and the University of Toronto, to name a few.

Olusola Oyelade,

Architect, Designer/Project Manager

Sola is an Architecture graduate of the University of Lagos and Harvard Graduate School’s Advanced Management Design. He completed specialised courses in Project Management at the University of Toronto and Building Construction Methods at Ryerson University, Toronto Canada. He is also a certified Project Management Professional and a Chartered Architect. Sola has well-grounded local and international experience in the building industry spanning over two decades, particularly in Design Development and Project Management.

Dukunde Minerve,

OAA Intern Architect

Minerve has 7 years of experience in Minerve has 7 years of experience in Architecture; 5 years in Rwanda and 2 years in Ontario, Canada. She is registered as an Architect with the Rwanda Association of Architects and an Intern Architect with the Ontario Association of Architects. She graduated from the University of Rwanda, School of Architecture in 2014, with a bachelor’s degree in architecture. She has international experience in multi-residential, commercial, industrial and institutional building design, developing conceptual ideas and preliminary design studies, drafting technical drawings and following up on construction sites.Architecture, 5 years from Rwanda and 2 years in Ontario, Canada. She is registered as an Architect with the Rwanda Association of Architects and as an Intern Architect with the Ontario Association of Architects. She graduated from the University of Rwanda, School of Architecture in 2014, with a bachelor’s degree in architecture.She has international experience in multi residential, commercial, industrial and institutional building design, developing conceptual ideas and preliminary design studies, drafting technical drawings and following up on construction sites.


Jacqueline Nyiramukwende,

Vice-Chair of RCHC Board

Jacqueline Nyiramukwende is a highly resourceful team player and a motivated problem solver. She is dedicated to social rights promotion and is renowned for engaging in conversations focused on strategies to improve community experiences. Guided by principles of justice, ethics, and feminism intersectional analysis, she holds a Master of Public Ethics from St. Paul University, & a Bachelor of Social Work from Carleton University (both Degrees in Ottawa, Ontario).

Jonathan Okubay,

Executive Director of New Nakfa

Jonathan is a community organiser, real estate entrepreneur and 4th year Real Estate Management major at Toronto Metropolitan University. As Co-Founder & Executive Director of New Nakfa (Eritrean Community Network), he has been able to leverage his entrepreneurial and community engagement experience to further the growth of the organisation.


Ephraim Mwaura,

President of KCA

Ephraim is the President & Executive Director at Kenyan Canadian Association (KCA) where he provides oversight on day-to-day operations, strategic planning and fundraising. He has extensive leadership and management experience and demonstrated success as a community servant and capacity builder in the not-for-profit sector. He has extensive skills and experience in Social Work, Communications, IT, Cyber Security, Event Management and Resource Mobilization. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Management Science and a CyberSecurity Diploma.


Cherise Carlaw, 

Designer, Capacity-Building 

Cherise helps organisations build capacity for human-centred design through facilitating training labs and delivering compelling, research-driven narratives. Her passion for design is informed by her experience working with diverse audiences to develop strategic plans and marketing initiatives within the public and private sectors.

Lee Cookson

Lee Cookson,

Senior Designer

Lee is a Senior Designer with Overlap Associates, Lee is an expert in problem-solving, creative processes, and collaboration. He is a natural leader who enables people to find unique solutions to complex problems by creating space for individuals to have a voice in decision-making processes.

Sydney Natale

Sydney Natale

Manager of Project and Business Insights

As a Manager of Project and Business Insights at Overlap, Sydney is responsible for coordinating the systems and processes that support project execution, while utilising a design thinking approach. Strongly valuing trust, teamwork and critical thinking, Sydney works closely with clients to ensure that they are fully supported throughout each step of the project lifecycle.

Steve Krysak,

Principal, Business Insights and Operations 

As Overlap Canada’s Principal, Business Insights and Operations, Steve works with clients to build deep and meaningful connections during every step of their experience with the Overlap team. Steve has a passion for applying design to complex problems that support better outcomes for organisations while ensuring that clients feel engaged and confident in the experience.

Ryan Voisin,

Design Director, Programs

Ryan is the Director of Innovation Programs at Overlap. He designs and delivers programming for organizations to increase their capacity for innovation, facilitating conversations between organizations and their key stakeholders to understand and design for diverse perspectives. Through his years of experience working in knowledge integration and strategic foresight and innovation, he continues to develop his expertise in design thinking, strategic design, and long-term planning.

Lauren Ross,

Senior Designer

Lauren works as a Senior Designer within the Overlap Associates team. With over 10 years of experience in the nonprofit and public sector, she is skilled at bringing together unique perspectives, fostering strong connections and engaging stakeholders towards common goals – resulting in positive organisational and community change.


Moses Gashirabake,

Chairman of RCHC Board 

An accomplished leader who has been recognized by the City of Montreal, the Government of Quebec and the Government of Canada for his civic engagement, Moses completed an honours degree in political science at Concordia University before pursuing degrees in law at McGill University.

Dr. Victor Awafo,

Chairman of GCAO

Dr Victor Awafo is a Scientist with over 20 years of experience working in the Biopharmaceutical industry in Vaccine Development and Manufacturing. He is the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Ghanaian-Canadian Association of Ontario (GCAO) and a Board Director of Ghana Medical Help (GMH).

Emmanuel Duodu,

President of GCAO

Emmanuel Duodu is also the President of the Ghanaian-Canadian Association of Ontario (GCAO), which is headquartered in Toronto. He is passionate about serving the community and this role provides him with a sense of purpose and fulfils his altruistic aspirations. Additionally, the ministerial role that Emmanuel plays in his church anchors his beliefs and values that all human beings are created in the image of God, and therefore we need to treat each other with respect and decorum.


Jacqueline Nyiramukwende,

Vice-Chair of RCHC Board

Jonathan Okubay,

Executive Director of New Nakfa


Ephraim Mwaura,

President of KCA


Kizito Musabimana,

RCHC Founder & Executive Director

Kizito Musabimana is the founder and Executive Director of the Rwandan Canadian Healing Centre. Mr Kizito founded RCHC in 2018 after overcoming PTSD (caused by the 1994 Rwandan Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda). He walked from Toronto to Montreal to raise awareness about PTSD challenges within the Rwandan-Canadian community. His walk took place from November 24 to December 11, 2016.

By taking a holistic approach to life, Kizito was able to overcome the worst of PTSD (severe depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts). He has since worked tirelessly to understand issues in his (African Canadian) community, partnering with youth and leaders and leading organisations to develop programs designed to solve these challenges collaboratively for current and future generations.